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The CEO & MD Message

Dr. Y. Kiron
Honorary consul republic of bulgaria
CEO - SuchirIndia

Hello Everyone,

SuchirIndia was born with a passion to build truly a world class company that encompasses and envelopes a plethora of services and solutions in sectors such as Real Estate, Infrastructure and Hospitality Industry. The focus and focal point for all of us at SuchirIndia is to deliver technology driven, yet cost effective services and capabilities to our customers, empowering them with quality living standards.

SuchirIndia, over the past close to a decade, has builtrobust state of the infrastructure, explored latest talents, harmonized critical systems, put in place systems and procedures of global standards, all just to ensure, we build large scale real estate, infrastructure and hospitality projects to our customers,for positioning our customers first is embedded in SuchirIndia’s culture, thus it is in our DNA.

Our Core Competency lies in investing in our people and resources, we bring new, out-of-box ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing environment. We continuously keep investing in People, Processes and Technology to bring in a sense of synchronized harmony and to be – future ready. SuchirIndia always adopts a sustainable approachto building Core Competencies in rich, varied and myriad domain expertise. We are conscious of the fact that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem – our customers, employees, business partners, and environment.

The unique combination of technological expertise and sharp business skills that our management team brings to the table, gives us the edge in analyzing challenges of our customers facewith clarity, converging it with business insight lucidly – together they form the distinctive capability in recommending right fit, cost effective next generation services and solutions and implementing them successfully.

At the end of the day, rest assured – SUCHIRINDIA will be at the forefront in offering high quality, reliable, consistent and world class Real Estate, Infrastructure and Hospitality solutions to our customers and all key stake holders.

I will, here with, vouch for it.

Dr. Y. Kiron

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